Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Leather Dog Collar Clean and Maintain

Leather dog collars cleaning and maintenance are not complicated tasks. You just have to remember a few things to keep it from developing mold and mildew and experiencing degradation. Here are a few pointers in taking care of your dog's leather collar.

Regular Cleaning and Maintenane
Over time, even without the leather collar getting wet by water, it could still get soaked and damaged by the oil present in the dog's fur. This oil can build up and eventually cause damage to the leather collar. To prevent this, you need to clean the leather dog collar regularly. This will not only be good for the dog collar, but also for your dog.

Damage Prevention
Aside from regularly cleaning the leather dog collar to prevent damage to it, you can also prolong the life of the collar by keeping it away from water. Whether the dog is going to join you swimming or if you are going to give it a bath, or even if you are going to let the dog play in the rain, you should remove the leather collar until the dog is clean and dry again. Water can degrade leather fast, so keeping it away from wet environments is a good way of taking care of it. Chemicals that are not formulated to clean leather should also be kept away from leather. Prevent your leather dog collar, and your dog too, from getting prolonged exposure in moist, hot, cold or dry weather.

When Leather Gets Wet
In case your dog collar accidentally gets wet, remove it immediately from the dog's neck and lay it down flat in a place that is cool and away from direct sunlight. Leaving it out to dry under direct sunlight will damage the leather, so it is imperative that when drying your leather dog collar, you place it somewhere cool and well-ventilated. Pointing an electric fan at it will speed up the process of drying. Just remember that drying leather using things that emit heat like vents or radiators is a bad idea since it will cause more damage than the moisture you are trying to get rid of.

Leather Cleaners
To clean leather dog collars, it is recommended that you use cleaners designed specifically to clean leather. Leather cleaners are formulated to clean and preserve the quality of all kinds of leathers. Other products specifically designed to protect and clean leather include polishes, weatherproof formulas, conditioners, soap bars and wipes. These products protect leather from grime, dirt and even the weather. These leather cleaners are not exclusive for use on dog collars. These products can also be used to clean and protect leather upholstery, clothing and other items made of leather or simulated leather.

Applying the Appropriate Product on Leather
Not all of the mentioned types of products are to be used at any time on leather. Weather and climate conditions contribute to the factors you need to consider when cleaning leather. Extreme climate conditions like very hot, very cold, very dry and very humid can cause more damage to leather that normal climate conditions. In these cases, small amounts of leather conditioner can be applied to in a regular manner to prevent leather from getting hard or too soft.

In conclusion, leather dog collars cleaning and maintenance are pretty easy tasks as long as you stick to the main rule of keeping it away from wet situations and extreme weather conditions. Regular cleaning is also a must.

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